Homeschooling in Obedience with Prayer and Encouragment




The Heart

We are an ever-growing group of Christian  families who have joined together to help and support one another as we homeschool our children.  It is the mission of H.O.P.E. to offer support and information regarding homeschooling to our members and to those exploring the possibility of homeschooling.   We hold monthly parent meetings which are open to current or prospective homeschoolers.  The meetings provide a time to learn and network with other Christian homeschooling families.  (Click the "Calendar" tab at the top for dates & times.)


The Name          

The name H.O.P.E. stands for Homeschooling in Obedience with Prayer and Encouragement.  We believe that Christian families must respond in Obedience when God calls them to the task of homeschooling.  We recognize that this choice is often difficult and can only be successful with much Prayer.  Likewise, as Christian families and fellow homeschoolers, we offer Encouragement to those who share this calling and affirm their choice with support and fellowship designed to build lasting relationships among parents and children.


The Fellowship

Towards that end, in addition to monthly meetings, we coordinate and sponsor educational field trips and opportunities for learning,  as well as fun group activities and events.  During good weather months we meet frequently at area parks for "Park Days".  We also hold seasonal get-togethers such as Christmas craft days, fall bonfires and an end-of-year family picnic.  And each spring, H.O.P.E. conducts a graduation ceremony planned and coordinated by the parents of the graduates. Participation in the ceremony is optional and provides an opportunity for family and peers to recognize the accomplishments of those graduating.


Another aspect of H.O.P.E. is the fall and spring co-op, offering classes for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.  This  optional Co-op is coordinated and taught by member families on  a volunteer basis. (Click on "Co-op Info" above for more details.)

The One We Serve

Undergirding all our efforts is our desire to be a witness for Christ in all we do.  To help us achieve that goal our members are asked to sign and abide by our Statement of Faith and Code of Conduct. (Click on "Statement of Faith" above to view these documents.)


        If you are new to homeschooling, check out the "Getting Started" page for helpful information.  You can also click on "Contact Us"  and we'll be happy to answer specific questions that are not addressed here.

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