Membership Information

H.O.P.E. Homeschool Families is open to any family or individual interested in homeschooling and of like mind.  We are a Christian group with Protestant understanding of scripture.  The only prerequisite to membership is an agreement with our Statement of Faith and adherance to our Code of Conduct.  Both of these are viewable on our "Statement of Faith" page on this web site.
      Our membership term runs from August to August with a yearly family dues of $20.00.  Membership in H.O.P.E. is separate from our fall and spring co-ops which require additional registration information and fees.    (Membership in H.O.P.E. group does not guarantee your family a place in the Co-op sessions.   Co-op classes have limited enrollment and are filled on a first-come basis.)   Member benefits  include participation in all H.O.P.E. sponsored events, field trips and meetings.  You will also receive a free membership card for MACHE (Maryland Association of Christian Home Educators) which provides discounts at certain stores for educational books or materials intended for use in a classroom, as well as free admission to the MACHE Curriculumn Fair held each April at the Frederick County Fairgrounds.
         If you are considering joining our group, we invite you to attend one of our meetings which are held on the first Monday of each month, or you may come to one of the Park Days to meet some of the members.  Time, location and directions for our meetings and Park Days  can be found on the Calendar page of this site.  UNDER CONSTRUCTION
         Please  contact us to be considered for membership. Upon contact, forms for membership will be sent to you via email. Forms include our Statement of Faith, Membership Form and Code of Conduct.